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Cedar Hill Barn

A little history.......

This is the 11th year Cedar Hill Barn has hosted weddings and special events.  Cedar Hill Farm was a working dairy farm until the early 2000's. The farm had been in the Whirry family for 4 generations and was originally built in the 1870's.  Cedar Hill Barn exists today on its original stone foundation built in 1873.  The farmhouse has been remodeled several times over the years and has been expanded to over 2600 sq. ft with 2 major additions.  Additional buildings were constructed on the 6 1/2 acre property during the 1970's including a dairy barn, large pole barn, and a heifer barn. 

In 2008, Gary and Renee Whirry saw the potential for Cedar Hill Barn as a wedding and event venue following a destructive tornado the swept through the area that year.  The barn was rebuilt on the original foundation using local cedar trees and the old barn was transformed into the beautiful structure it is today.  The rebuild was an opportunity to improve the infrastructure and bring in a new septic system, plumbing, electric service, and landscaping upgrades to the property.

The property is now owned and operated by Neil and Loura Turner who are continuing the tradition of memorable weddings and receptions on this beautiful property.  

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